“To become truly immortal, a Work of Art must exceed all human limits”
Giorgio de Chirico

“A simple line painted with a brush can take one to freedom and happiness”
Joan Miró

“Art does not reproduce what is visible. It makes it visible”
Paul Klee

“Time and reflection gradually modify our vision, until finally, we understand”

“If I paint my dog exactly as it is, I will naturally have two dogs, but it is not a work of art”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Art is wonderfully irrational, it does not have the slightest meaning, and, in spite of it all, it is necessary”
Günter Grass

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Published on 15.05.2014 by Gabriel Loureiro

A execução deste trabalho (instalação) careçe de acesso a
grandes quantidades de sal bem como 5 dias de preparação, tendo sido concebido vmware vcp-510vcp-510 dumpspara uma realização num espaço indor.

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